Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Exciting Business Opportunity for Everyone

This is about Prelaunch Malaysia - runs by a very successful technology company based in St Louis, USA and have developed one of the most unique applications ever launched with one of the most powerful network marketing plans ever to enter into the Multi-level Marketing arena, to create guaranteed success.

The company is well funded and zero debt free, and has some of the strongest leadership in the USA, from CNN, to private banking, from Multi-level Marketing leadership to Internet millionaires. All have come together to launch this amazing Internet MLM business.

PreLaunch Malaysia Prelaunch Malaysia is now into pre-launch in Malaysia & Singapore and inviting people to join the unique opportunity by registering which is free prior to their official launch. A full introduction to this amazing “app” and opportunity, will be taking place in KL on the 28th, 29th & 30th January, 2011.

This “APP” is built on the top of the Microsoft platform and sitting on top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all major search engines which is now sweeping the USA, and has taken the UK & Australia by storm. It's major aim is to have this amazing “app” on every home computer and mobile device in the next 12 months.

Anyone can join after viewing the video on their homepage by clicking on the Join button and input your basic information. You will not be asked for any type of credit card or payment. The process is completely free and your information will not be shared with anyone. 

Once your signing up is approved, you will be given a free pre-launch website allowing you to market this pre-launch to anyone in Malaysia, Singapore and around the world.

For more details visit the site: Prelaunch Malaysia

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blogger Versus Wordpress

This is a short review about Wordpress and Blogger. This review  will answer - why I addressed them as the two most promising hosting sites for blogging hobbies and for making money online? From my blogging hobby, I established network of friends. Thanks to and



It was opened to public on November 21, 2005 and it is powered by the open source of wordpress software. This site is financially supported through ugrades and the google adsense advertising. Last September 2010, wordpress has recorded 13.9 million individual blogs - some are free users and upgrade users.

Has started in 2003. It is a blog publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google at subdomains of On May 1, 2010, Blogger allowed users to publish blogs on other hosts.

Both Accept Free Users



Its staff are working hard on enhancing each site - from designing of new and awesome templates, featuring new widgets and other features to satisfy the needs of its users. Both are accepting users as free account members though at least he/she is 13 year old and above. Below 13 is subject for parental guidance and can start to create a blog following its term of use and its site's policy.

The Big Difference

At worpress, if you are a free account member - you are entitled to post your best blog articles, photos, videos from youtube and share them to your friends and visitors though it depends if you created the blog either private - which is accessible only for people you invited or you created the blog intended for the general audience and international audience. And as a free user you are not allowed to share links of other sites, banners, google adsense, amazon and other imaginable affiliate programs - you will be automatically suspended unless you will upgrade your membership. When you upgrade, you will pay at least from 15$ above a year as your subscription fees.

While at blogger, everything you want to do is free - from posting blog articles, videos, photos, music, mp3s, podcast, google adsense, amazon, linking other sites, banners and other affiliate programs without charging you. And you can create many blogs if you wished. The more blogs you have created the more money you will earn from your google adsense.

Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partner.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Managing Health Care

Kilograms or Weigh Scales and a Meter are common tools that everyone is familiar with. Heart disease, high blood, arthritis, diabetes, indigestion, gallstones, cancers, snoring, stress, anxiety and depression are the most common problems when a person becomes overweight. The article will answer how a kilogram and a meter would help us to manage our health.

Wikipedia Obese Painting

Wikipedia Obese Painting

If you want to know your weight and determine it if it is healthy weight, overweight, obese and morbidly obese you would need the following: Kilograms or Weigh Scales and a Meter. These are the things needed to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI) or Quetelet index.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a heuristic measure of body weight based on a person’s weight and height. Though it does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, it is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on a person’s height, assuming an average body composition. Due to its ease of measurement and calculation, it is the most widely used diagnostic tool to identify weight problems within a population, usually whether individuals are underweight, overweight or obese.

It was invented between 1830 and 1850 by the Belgian Polymath Adolfe Quetelet during the course of developing “social physics”, and defined it as the individual’s body weight divided by the square of his or her height. Wikipedia BMI Chart Simplified
Wikipedia BMI Chart Simplified
The mechanics: Take your weight in kilograms then divide it by your height in meters and when you get the result divide your height in meters again. Sample: your weight is 150kls, your height is 2.5 meters = 150/2.5=60/2.5=24. Your total weight is 24.

The Body Mass Index for a Healthy Weight is from 20 to 24 The Body Mass Index for an Overweight is from 25 to 29 The Body Mass Index for an Obese is from 30 to 39 The Body Mass Index for the Morbidly Obese is 40 plus.

You can determine your BMI alone without seeing a Doctor and that is power! Miracle Coffee Lingzhi 3 in 1
Miracle Coffee Lingzhi 3 in 1 Consider the Doctor’s advised: Avoid eating more calories than you use in your daily activity because the excess calories will be stored as Fat and weight increases. Eat healthy breakfast. Cut down on coffee and tea. Instead, try the lingzhi coffee and lingzhi tea – they are naturally manufactured. Snack on fruits. Eat less fatty fried food. Cut down on alcohol and take time to exercise.  
  Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partner. 
Helpful links:
 Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating
Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance

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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Spirit of Sharing God’s Blessings

My DXN Int'l ID Card Recently, I wrote three reviews regarding Wellness Industry which is a Global Business Opportunity. If you only read those reviews published here - they are all about a business within your pocket through the power of an ID card. Whoever owned the DXN International Card- the whole world is his market because DXN is already playing remarkably in 151 countries and still expanding. He enjoys all the benefits as a DXN distributor. Any DXN products he purchased, he received 15% to 25% discounts aside from earning the point value (PV) which is subject for cash rebates as his monthly bonus.

The message of this article is about gift to be given away to friends, friends of friends, readers and visitors. I will let you use my DXN International ID card when you purchase any of the DXN wellness products to enjoy the 15% up to 25% discounts. They are all available on all DXN centers worldwide though always ask for receipts. You can print the ID if you wished or copy the name and the member number.

DXN wellness products are unique and consumable. They are naturally manufactured without chemicals injected on them, with an extract of reishi (Japan), lingzhi (China), red mushroom (English) or the Ganoderma Lucidum known as the “King of Herbs“.

These products help detoxify toxins out from the body. Toxins from the air we breathed, from the food we ate and toxins from the water we drinked. Advance Merry Christmas to all.

Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partner. 

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Power of Tweeting

Image representing MyLikes as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Tweeting advertiser's ads aside from writing articles also earns money online. The steps are just easy as 1, 2 and 3. (1) Register a Twitter account (2) Register a Facebook account (3) Register a Youtube account and (4) Sign-up at, the name of the site.

About the Site is a word-of-mouth advertising platform that conjugates advertisers with influencers on the web. Influencers spread the word and earn money by tweeting them. Influencers will recommend and promote any ads from advertisers. Advertisers will pay the Influencers on a valid-click-basis - the most rewarding methods to make money online.

How to Register at this Site?

Got to site. Fill up the form by providing a valid name user, email address and your password and press submit. It only takes you for some few minutes for doing it. A message will be sent off to your email address instructing you to activate your account by clicking the link inclosed. When you click that link you will be redirected to the site and there update now your profile - this include uploading your own photo and by allowing your Twitter account, Facebook account, your website or blogsite to be connected with Mylikes. This is a free sign-up. You can also connect your Youtube account and other sites you want to connect with Mylikes such as, FriendFeed, Posterous, Tumblr and Wordpress. The more connections you made with Mylikes, the wider the audience to receive your tweets of ads.

Other Things to enjoy at this Site

MyLikes-LogoAside from an Influencer, the site gives you an opportunity to become an Advertiser too. If you are a blogger, journalist, poet, owner of a website or blogsites, business man and other imaginable professions - the site will help you to advertise your talents and your products with a very least payment. And it is you to tweet. Advertisers pay from 5 cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents, 50 cents of a dollar and up to 2$ per valid click.
An Influencer of this site can also become an affilliate user. As an affiliate he can refer people to become an Influencer too and get his referral commission.

How to Receive Payments?

Mylikes uses Paypal - so open an account on Paypal. Mylikes pays an Influencer every Friday. If you earned at least 2$ or above the money will be sent off to your Paypal account address before the end of the day. If your earnings have not yet reached at least 2$ it will be included on the next payday. Aside from Paypal, you can also assign your weekly earnings to a Charity as an option.

Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partner.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Riyadh’s Trek—Hidden Valley

Dry Valley
Image by Earthwatcher via Flickr
Hidden Valley can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks and mountains ready to be embraced and enjoy. Most amazing of all was the absence of running water, to bathe her for added beauty. A completely dry valley, but yet a surprisingly beautiful one!

In my first week of work in Riyadh, one thing that came to my mind was to take some trips outside the city. I wanted to visit some of the historical places, including mountains of rock and mountains of sand dunes, which are good places for excursions on weekends and holidays.

It was a Friday. With my peers, we visited on some of Riyadh’s treks. First was a trip to Hidden Valley . At five-thirty in the morning, we started our trip, as no-one wants to drive under the sun.

On our way to Hidden Valley , I saw mountain of rocks standing robustly on each side of the highway. I heard the sound of winds haunting, and whispering in every corner of the mountain - calling them that the Sun was about to rise.

Facing to the South was another spot of great beauty delighted my eyes, a red mountain of sand dunes that resembled a maiden in red, lying down with the mountain rocks at her sides and waiting for someone to come and feel her beauty.

Hidden Valley At seven, we reached our destination, by passing through an isolated pass between high fortresses - like rock in the Tuwaiq wall. Our cars rumbled up and down with the shrubs to right, left and white dust. As we drove up the soil - covered path of Hidden Valley between piles of gravel, was a Pinnacle Valley that called because of the pillar of rock that stands near the entrance. We stopped driving when the track got rough.

Soon, everybody left the car and went around to the area, and embraced the beauty of nature. We photographed the mountains around us as our souvenirs. We also went for a hike, did some mountain climbing and had a lot of fun together.

What a wonderful place to see! I was surprisingly amazed to see such beauty that only nature can provide. It can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks and mountains ready to be embraced and enjoy. Most amazing of all was the absence of running water, to bathe her for added beauty. A completely dry valley, but yet a surprisingly beautiful one!

Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partner.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Away From Home

I was lucky though because I did not experience much difficulty in acquiring an overseas job. My uncle-in-law who at that time was a chief accountant of the company Kawasaki Helicopter Saudi Arabia - Finance Department helped me get my current job by recommending me to the administrator of the company. A Philippine based recruitment agency, FB Allan processed my papers and I was able to go out of the country as a documented OFW.

    March 23, 1994

  • May 8, 2006
  • My Other Interests
  • My Experience Of Saudi life
  • Philippines Is My True Home


    March 23, 1994

    Last Vacation on May 3, 2010

    Last Vacation on May 3, 2010

    When I arrived in my current location on March 23, 1994, I was first employed as a janitor/laborer. That will be my work position for two years and nine months. The management must have noticed my hard work because I was promoted to be a Facility Records Clerk. After some time I was again promoted to be an Analyst/Bookkeeper and this would be my job for nine years and three months.

    May 8, 2006

    The promotion did not stop there. On May 8, 2006, I was assigned as Secretary to the Vice President, then later as an Analyst. At present, the company I am working for assigned me to be the manager of a new showroom that sells home decors. From being a mere janitor, I had gone a long way and one can say that things just get better and better for me.

    My Other Interests

    Aside from working, I also devote some time for my other interests. While employed, I took up a creative writing course via email with the Writer’s Bureau in Manchester London from year 1999-2000. In 2001, I took up Journalism and short story writing course with the ICS, PA, USA.

    My Experience Of Saudi life

    pruel po_facebook My experience of Saudi life can be described as pleasant. I found the Arabs to be friendly and accommodating people. I also enjoy my new environment and was fascinated to see some of Riyadh's treks. Every weekend I go out with my peers for a trek. We had visited Riyadh’s National Museum, the red sand dunes, the hidden valley, the historic kingdom of the first king Saud of Saudi Arabia the Al-Diriyadh; Haer - the only place in Riyadh to experience the nice ambience of water lake and man-made-river, the dates plantation, the olaya which is the business center of Riyadh where the two landmarks the Al-Faisaliah and Kingdom tower are standing robustly, and the Al-Batha market which is known to be the Filipino market - a market for anything and everything.

    Philippines Is My True Home

    Even if it seems to be having the time of my life in Saudi, I still cannot deny that the Philippines is my true home. Among other things, I miss Filipino foods such as lechon, bibingka and sapin-sapin. I also long to celebrate special occasion such as Christmas, New Years, fiestas, etc, with my family and loved ones.

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  • Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Dahil Sa Pesteng Kagat Ng Lamok

    Official seal of Municipality of Rosario

    Image via Wikipedia

    Sa iba’t-ibang internet forums ay naging paksa sa talakayan ng mga OFWs ang tungkol sa mga tanong: Kung ito ba ay pakikinabangan ng mga OFWs at kanilang mga dependents? Marami sa mga OFWs ang nagsabi na walang pakinabang.

    Dati ang isang OFW bago pumunta sa ibayong-dagat ay nagbabayad sa POEA para sa OWWA Medicare na nagkakahalaga ng 900 pesos para sa isang taong membership. At ang kaniyang dependent o mga dependents ay mabibigyan ng discounts sa mga gastos sa hospitals na accredited ng OWWA kung sila (dependents) ay may hawak na kopya ng OWWA Medicare Certificate mula sa papaalis na OFW.

    Maliban sa OWWA Medicare, mayroon din SSS Medicare noon at ang buwanang premium ay 75 pesos na kasamang binabayaran kung ang isang SSS member ay nagbabayad ng kaniyang monthly contribution. Ngunit tumaas ang premium na 100 pesos ang isang buwan o 1,200 pesos sa isang taon, nang ang SSS Medicare ay naging PhilHealth noong 1999.

    Dahil ako ay dating SSS Medicare member, mula 2000 hanggang 2006, ang bawat taon na aking binabayaran ay 1,200 pesos sa PhilHealth. Nang aking hingan ng paliwanag ang PhilHealth collecting office sa Trece Martirez City, Cavite, dahil ako’y nakatira noon sa Cavite, kung bakit nagtaas ang premium mula 75 pesos ay naging 100 pesos na, ang sagot nila sa akin ay wala raw akong magagawa kung hindi ang sang-ayunan ang pagtaas ng monthly premium. Naitanong ko rin sa kanila kung ang aking mga dependents sa dati kong SSS Medicare ay sila parin ang legal kong mga dependents sa PhilHealth ang sagot ay sila pa rin - kung maipapakita ko ang mga dokumento tungkol dito.

    Ito ay mahalaga para sa mga PhilHealth members. Kung kayo ay bagong member at nagbayad ng 900 pesos sa POEA, iyon ay hindi nangangahulugan na ang inyong asawa, mga anak o magulang at iba pa na miyembro ng inyong pamilya ay mga legal na ninyong dependents. Sila ay magiging legal na inyong dependents kung kayo (OFWs) ay nakipag-ugnayan sa Philhealth at ipinakita ang mga dokumentong kailangan nito at ang inyong mga dependents ay nakasama na sa masterlist ng PhilHealth Data Base. Ang mga kailangang dokumento ay ang mga sumusunod:

    1) Marriage Contract – kung ikaw ay may asawa, (2) Birth Certificates ng inyong mga  anak – Maganda kung ang mga ito ay manggagaling sa NSO (3) Kopya ng inyong passport (4) Patotoo ninyo na ang inyong mga dependents ay malusog sa date of application sa PhilHealth.

    Kung ikaw ay single pa ang mga dokumentong kailangan ng PhilHealth para sa inyong mga dependents ay sertipiko ng kapanganakan: ng nanay, tatay, kapatid o pamangkin at kopya ng iyong passport at patotoo ninyo na ang inyong mga dependents ay malusog sa date of application sa PhilHealth. Ito ay ayon sa lahat na aking ipinakita sa PhilHealth noon. Mahalaga na makipag-ugnayan kayo sa PhilHealth, sa sulat o email. Ang website nito ay makikita sa (

    Noong Febrero 2007, bago ako bumalik sa Saudi nagbayad ako sa POEA para sa PhilHealth. Nabigla ako dahil ang 1,200 pesos na ibinabayad ko bawat taon ay naging 900 pesos na lamang. Ang kopya na binayaran ko kasama ang aking PhilHealth ID ay iniwan ko sa aking maybahay. Sa mahabang panahon ng pagiging PhilHealth member ko ay hindi pa ako at mga dependents nakikinabang dito.

    Hanggang sa kasamaang palad ang panganay ko na 17 taong gulang na babae ay nakipagbuno kay kamatayan sa loob ng 7 araw sa Our Savior Hospital, Rosario , Cavite . At laking pasasalamat naming mag-anak nang sa pang-pitong araw ng aking anak sa kuwartong iyon ay masayang ibinalita ng doktor na siya ay fully recovered na.

    Sa pitong araw na pamamalagi ng aking anak sa Savior Hospital ay umabot din ng 29, 470.50 pesos ang hospital bill kasama ang Professional Fee at Pedia Fee. Nguni’t ang binayaran lamang ng aking maybahay ay umabot lamang ng 21, 070.50 pesos. Ang 8, 400 pesos ay pumasok na PhilHealth deductions. Ito ang unang pagkakataon na napakinabangan ng aking dependent ang aking PhilHealth dahil sa pesteng kagat ng lamok!

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    Saturday, November 6, 2010

    Hit Daxen and Start Building a Better Tomorrow--part Three

    DXN Logo for Blog On part one, I injected some sorts of vital questions that would help you framing out your decision before venturing business with DXN. I also have guided you about networking – its principles and how you could be benefited with DXN Global Business Opportunity. Click to read Part One.

    On part two I discussed about the significant on familiarizing DXN business from its successful business principles, the expansion of its market, its unique consumable products, its trends and timings and how to create a true leverage before investing money on it. Now this last review will answer - Why Choose DXN? Click to read Part Two.

    DXN, the One Dragon Company - It owned 100% Farmland for Ganoderma cultivation. It also owned 100% Factories for Production and 100% Marketing and Distribution

    DXN and Ganoderma, the Miracle Mushroom

    DXN Malaysia DXN International was established in Malaysia in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin. So far DXN has eight million + distributors in 151 countries and still expanding. DXN produces and markets Ganoderma based health and personal care products. It has 60 acres of farmland for Ganoderma cultivation. It has modern factories for production with GMP and IS0 standards. Ideally suited products for all. DXN had become the world leader in Ganoderma researches and health products. Ganoderma has medicinal values known for over 5,000 years. Ganoderma also called “The King of Adaptogens” and “The King of Herbs”. It is a non-toxic and no side effects even for prolonged use and has overall normalizing function.It is not specific for any disease or organ. It begins its action at the cell level and hence has a permanent effect in the body as per product reviewed by Dr. S. Ranjan, MD, DM.

    DXN Receives International Recognitions

    This is a photo showing the Jumeirah Beach Hot...In 1995 DXN was recognized for “Good Manufacturing Practice” by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

    In 1999 DXN received ISO 9002 International Organization, Singapore. Also in the same year DXN received recognition as “Therapeutic Goods Administration” (TGA), Australia. Image via Wikipedia Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE.

    In 2000 another ISO 14001 International Standard Organization, Singapore. Certificates on Good Manufacturing Practices for Traditional Medicine, Indonesia. Most outstanding participant in the “First Direct Selling Festival (Middle East) held at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE. Technology and Quality (New Millennium Award) Malaysia. Malaysian Organic Scheme certificate for its compliance with the standard conditions set by the national organic standard, Malaysia. Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brands & Design Book of records 2006. Top Innovative Marketing Company of the Year, Philippines. 5th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2006. Certificate of Authentication Halal, Malaysia.

    Most Managed Direct Selling Company 

    In 2009 DXN was awarded as the “MOST MANAGED” Direct Selling Company in the Middle East during the 2nd International Direct Selling Festival in Dubai. Dr_ Lim[3] On June 6, 2010 China – DXN CEO, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin has been bestowed the Prominent Business Leader Award in the 2nd “Prominent Business Leaders Award 2010” for his professional conduct and persistent entrepreneurship; over 20 years of tireless research and industrial development of Ganoderma Lucidum and its outstanding contribution; upholding the business philosophy of low price, high quality and solid profile; promoting marketing strategies of differentiation, branding, diversification and creating an international health industry giant. He is regarded as a tenacious, passionate, innovative and excellent entrepreneur model.

    Also last June 2010, DXN was ranked as the Top 40 direct selling company worldwide in “DSN Global 100: The Top Direct Selling Companies in the World” by Direct Selling News (DSN), USA during its 100 years Celebration of the Direct Selling Association of America. DXN is regarded the fastest and youngest growing MLM Company, and the only MLM Company from South East Asia.

    Other Products Check out DXN Wellness and Healthy Products.

    In addition to Ganoderma, DXN is also a world leader in producing and supplying health and nutritional products from Spirulina and Cordyceps. DXN Spirulina is a kind of algae grown in tropical salt lakes. It is in existence of more that 3 billion years. Recognized by WHO and UN as Superfood. The most complete organic food source enriched with nutrients and vitamins.

    DXN Cordyceps, the Super Kidney, Lungs and Whole Body Tonic is an amazing medicinal fermented mycelia mushroom extract that is even more powerful than ginseng in helping to clear health problems. In the past it could only be found in a few isolated places in China –12,000+ feet above sea level so it was rare and expensive but still in demand because people knew it as a powerful herb.

    DXN MycoVeggie is a fiber rich natural diet product. This great product out ranks any other well-known natural diet products in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who are suffering from overweight or obesity which leads to so many diseases.

    DXN Team Marketing

    DXN Team Marketing is a method of sharing information between people that result in moving products from the manufacturer to the consumers. In DXN Team Marketing, when people tried the products and recommended them to others, this results to earning your bonuses and commissions. Not like before, we are happily sharing good products to our relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and etc. but no rewards for doing it. In DXN you will receive your rewards and your team for doing the same efforts.

    Three Ways to Earn in DXN

    (1) Retail Profit and Personal Bonus – One of the areas of income from DXN is in personal retailing or better called “sharing”. For doing it, you will receive up to 25% retail profits plus up to 37% personal bonus (rebates) when you share the products to others. It is done by simply by using them and sharing our experiences to others. We call this “Transferred Enthusiasm” because the word-of-mouth is remarkably a powerful form of retailing.

    (2) Group Bonus – In addition to retail profits, you can earn commissions from other distributors’ sales as you build your business. We call these “Group Bonuses”, it is the result when you developed a team of unlimited distributors in your organization. The more you build the more of the residual income you will earn.

    (3) Leadership Bonus – The next way to earn money in DXN is the Leadership Bonus. This is the area where Team marketing really pays off. The Leadership Bonus allows you to generate a lifetime “residual income”. And DXN still rewards you from someone in your team who made sales because you have trained them to build their DXN business just like yours. It’s the power of multiplication – the power of leveraging your time to others. You multiply yourself to others and by doing it you could have more time to enjoy to do the things you love with family, friends and with your favorite sports or hobby while earning your DXN income.

    Who Can Join DXN and How?

    Anyone who is 18 years and above, male or female and want to improve their lifestyles. One must have a sponsor – and it is a DXN member. He/she must be an ambitious and motivated person. He/she must have the will to build his DXN Team Marketing and would be ready to invest his part time at least 7 –10 hours a week of his/her free time. The more time and effort he will spend to this opportunity, the greater the rewards and we call it a “Fair Compensation Plan”.

    How to Get Started?

    To get started with DXN opportunity plan – you have to meet and communicate with the person who shared this opportunity with you so he can answer any of your questions about DXN and it can be done by telephone conversation, by emails, by chatting or by physical meeting. Fill out an application form and make your one time investment for your business membership kit of less than 100$.

    paulpruel_dxn_id1 You will get free products that you can immediately use, colored product catalogue and manual plus your DXN lifetime and worldwide membership ID card. Start changing your old brands and use DXN’s quality products. Start sharing your products experiences with your family, friends and relatives. Make a list of people whom you want to share the products – those who need to stay healthy, the opportunity – those who are always on the look for earning extra income or both. Attend the weekly meetings and seminars to acquire the knowledge, tools and training you need to build a successful business. Then sponsor others into DXN and teach them the proven DXN business principles.

    What is DXN Membership Kit?

    The DXN Membership Kit is also known “Business Start Up Kit”. It contains DXN products of 100 Point Value (PV) and mostly a daily used products that we normally buy from grocery stores. The only difference is that these DXN products are unique, high quality, naturally manufactured and no chemicals injected on them. This kit helps a new distributor to avail of 6% rebates level and he can start sponsoring members and build his team. It is recommended to use the products in the Membership kit and become a product of DXN products and upon learning the benefits of DXN products, you can immediately share them to others and earn a retail profit that will go directly to your pocket.

    Other membership options which is the best choice for serious business person is the DXN Executive Kit worth approximately 220$ with 13 selling DXN products worth of 300PV with a free gorgeous traveling suit case. Not only that, you will have to enjoy the 9% rebates level. With this kit, you will earn a 3% Group bonus from each new team that you sponsored. This is the Fast Track Business kit for those who wants to grow their DXN business fast and strong.


    In DXN your membership, your position: either you are a star agent, star ruby, star diamond, crown diamond or a crown ambassador and your income - can be inherited by your love ones or your chosen beneficiaries!

    Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partners. 

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    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Kahon Ng Mga Pangarap

    Provinces and regions of the Philippines.

    Image via Wikipedia

    Unang pagsubok kong sumali sa ganitong patimpalak. Ang makisaya at maki-isa sa ibang blogista ay gamot sa pangungulila para sa akin at makakatulong ito para sanayin ang sarili ko na matotohan ang iba pang paraan ng pagsusulat. Salamat sa inyong pagbisita.

    Kahon_Box Nobyembre na, ang bayaw ko ay nasa Cebu parin. Isa siya sa dalawampung tao na pinadala ng kanilang kompanya para simulan ang pagtayo ng limang palapag na gusali na pag-aari ng isang negosyanteng Intsik. Kabuwanan na ng ate ko. Manganganak siya na wala ang kuya.

    Umaga ng Nobyembre 15, 1981, naghanda si ate ng pansit. Ang sabi niya, " Ito ang araw ng kapanganakan ng tatay ninyo mga anak. Kahit wala siya ipagselebrit pa rin natin."

    Sa isip ko, kapos na nga kayo ate nagagawa mo pa rin magselebrit. Kung sabagay paborito ko ang pansit. Masarap magluto ang ate ko.

    Kinahapunan bandang alas dos biglang sumakit ang tiyan ni ate. Pasigaw niyang sinabi, "Manganganak na yata ako, Lhilo. May lumalabas na na tubig at dugo! Baka puwede sunduin mo na si Aling Bering."

    "Ate bakit si Aling Bering? Bakit 'di na lang sa ospital kayo manganak?"

    "Di sapat ang perang hawak ko. Si Aling Bering ay isang manghihilot. Marami na rin naman siyang pinaanak sa hilot na mga buntis. Di ko na kaya ang sakit. Tumakbo kana." Pakiusap ng ate ko.

    Nakita kong may luhang dumadaloy sa mga mata ni ate at sapo-sapo niya ang kaniyang tiyan. Kumaripas ako ng takbo papunta sa bahay ni Aling Bering na may 10 bahay ang layo mula sa bahay ni ate. Kinatok ko ang pinto. Bumukas. Si Aling Bering ang bumungad. Sa tantiya ko higit 50 ang kaniyang edad.

    "Ano bang nangyayari sa binatang ito? Bakit ka humahangos ha Lhilo?" Tanong sa akin ni Aling Bering.

    "Ang ate ko po mangangaanak na. Kailangan po niya kayo." Sabay hawak ko sa kaniyang kamay.

    "Sandali lang at ihahanda ko ang gamit ko."

    Ang nakita ko sa gamit niyang inilalagay sa bag na itim ay bote ng langis, bote ng pulang gamot, sinulid, bulak at ilang pirasong gilet na pang-ahit. Sa loob ko, ano kaya ang gagawin niya sa ate ko, aahitan?


    Nang dumating kami sa bahay, si ate ay nakaupo. May dalawang unang nakakalso sa kaniyang likod at sapo-sapo parin ang kaniyang tiyan. Nang makita ito ni Aling Bering tinanggal niya ang nakakalsong unan sa likod ni ate at kaniya itong inalalayang humiga sa banig.

    Nag-utos si Aling Bering, "Lhilo magpakulo ka ng tubig. Pagkumulo na ibuhos mo sa palanggana."

    Agad ako nagpakulo ng tubig at isinalin ko sa palanggana. Pasulyap-sulyap ko rin tinitingnan si Aling Bering. Kaniya hinihimas ang tiyan ni ate. Narinig ko ang sinabi niya, "Lalagyan natin ng langis para dumulas ang lagusan."

    Tinawag uli ako ni Aling Bering, Lhilo pumarito kana. Hindi na mapipigil ang paglabas ng bata. Alalayan mo ang ate mo."

    Lumapit ako sa kaniya at nagtanong, "Ano po ang gagawin ko?"

    "Doon ka sa bandang uluhan ng ate mo. Kapag sinabi kong itulak, itulak mo."

    Tumango lang ako pero sa loob ko ay mga tanong: Bakit ako ang nandito? Dapat si bayaw ang nasa tabi ni ate. Nahinto ang naglalaro sa isipan ko nang magsalita si Aling Bering, "Pagsinabi kong itulak mo, itulak mo ha Lhilo. Ikaw naman Vergie sabayan mong umire ang pagtulak ni Lhilo."

    Sa totoo lang ang mga kamay ko ay nangangatog at kinakabahan.

    Sumigaw na naman si Aling Bering, "Lhilo itulak mo na!"

    Sa isip ko itutulak lang pala e di itulak – kaso mali ang itinutulak ko.

    "Hindi ang balikat ng ate mo! Ang tiyan niya ang itulak mo papunta sa akin." Paliwag ni Aling Bering.

    Gusto kong mangatwiran pero hinayaan ko nalang. Kasabay ng pag-ire ni ate at pagtulak ko sa kaniyang tiyan, maluwan na lumabas ang bata sa kaniyang sinapupunan. Isang sanggol na naliligo sa dugo. Binuhat ni Aling Bering ang sanggol na patiwarik, hawak ang dalawang paa sa taas, parang paniki na nakabitin.

    Pagkatapos pinalo niya ang puwit ng bata at umiyak ito nang malakas at pasigaw na sinabi niya, "Babae ang anak mo, Vergie." At ipinatong niya ang bata sa tiyan ng ate ko.

    Nakita ko ang butil-butil na pawis na umaagos sa mukha ni ate habang sinasambit niya ang pasasalamat sa Maykapal. At tinawag niya ang sanggol sa pangalang Angelica.

    Nakiusap si Aling Bering, "Lhilo pakiabot mo na ang palanggana na may maligamgam na tubig kasama ang pampaligong sabon."

    Inilagay ko sa tabi ni Aling Bering ang hiningi niya.

    "Ikaw Vergie, ipahinga mo muna ang iyong sarili at babalikan kita para malinisan din."

    Bago putulin ang pusod ng bata gamit ang gilet ay kaniya munang tinalian ang pusod ng bata ng sinulid. Pagkaputol nito tinakpan niya ng bulak saka niya binuhusan ng pulang gamot. Lahat yon ay ginawa niya pagkatapos paliguan ang bata. At nagbilin siya na huwag tanggalin ang bigkis ng bata sa baywang nito at araw-araw bubuhusan ng alkohol ang pusod ng bata hanggang sa matuyo ang sugat.

    Nang maisaayos na ang mag-ina, inihatid ko na si Aling Bering sa kaniyang bahay at ang sabi sa akin araw-araw ay dadalawin niya ang mag-ina. Kinabukasan ipinarating namin sa bayaw kong si kuya Paking ang magandang balita at nangako siya na sisikapin niyang umuwi sa Pasko o sa Bagong Taon.


    Nguni't mag-iisang buwan na hindi parin bumabalik ang lakas ni ate. Minsan inaapoy siya ng lagnat. Walang ganang kumain. May gamot naman siyang iniinum, ang "anti-biotic" na ipinabili ng manghihilot subali't mahina parin ang kaniyang katawan. Maaari din ang dahilan ng kaniyang panghihina ay kakulangan ng masustansiyang pagkain na kailangan ng bagong nanganak.

    Ang problema ang perang ipinapadala ng bayaw ko agad napupunta lamang sa tindahan pambayad sa utang. Ang lingguhang kita ko naman sa pagkokontruksiyon ay naaagad din sa araw-araw naming gastusin. Kahit pa mura ang mga bilihin hindi parin sasapat. Pakiramdam ko bumibigat lalo ang pasanin ko habang pinagmamasdan ko ang ate at mga pamangkin kong maliliit pa.

    Lalu akong naguluhan nang ang bagong sanggol ay magkombulsiyon sa taas ng lagnat. Sa tulong ng isang kapit-bahay dinala namin sa doktor ang bata. Ang nakita ng doktor ay inpeksiyon sa pusod ang dahilan. Pinayuhan kami na sa pagamutan ng San Lazaro ng Maynila dalhin ang sanggol dahil daw kompleto sa gamit ang ospital at iba pang kakailanganin ng bata.

    Agad namin isinugod sa San Lazaro Ospital ang sanggol. Sa "free ward" siya "naconfined". Sa oras na iyon pangamba at takot ang naramdaman ko: ang kalagayan ni ate at ang kaniyang anak. Nguni't 'di parin ako nawawalan ng pag-asa na malampasan ang mabigat na suliraning ito. Dahil si ate ay mahina pa si Susan na kaniyang panganay na anak ang pinagkatiwalaan para mag-aruga at magbantay sa bata sa ospital. Mabait na bata si Susan at mapagmahal sa kapatid.

    Bago ako uuwi ng bahay mula sa trabaho, sumasaglit muna ako sa ospital may bitbit na prutas at pagkain ni Susan at para narin masilip ko ang kalagayan ng bata. Ginagawa ko iyon araw-araw habang nasa pagamutan pa ang sanggol.


    Sa panglimang araw na pagdalaw ko sa ospital, natuwa ako nang ibalita sa akin ni Susan. "Tito Lhilo, sabi po ni Doktora Clarisa maaaring ilabas na ang bata bukas. Sa bahay nalang daw po itutuloy ang pagpapainum ng gamot sa kaniya. Malakas na ang bata."

    "Tiyak anak matutuwa ang nanay n'yo kapag ibinalita ko ito sa kaniya pag-uwi ko mamaya."

    "Tito Lhilo kumusta po ang nanay? Banayad na tanong ni Susan.

    "Mahina parin ang katawan ng nanay n'yo. Pero sa magandang balitang ito makakatulong para gumaling siya."

    "Sana po gumaling na ang nanay. Ilang araw nalang po ay Pasko na."

    "Siyempre gagaling ang nanay ninyo. Ipagdasal natin ang agaran niyang paggaling."

    'Kita ko sa mga mata ni Susan ang kasiyahan habang kaniyang dinadampian ng halik ang mga kamay ng kaniyang bunsong kapatid. Alas 8 na nang gabi at ako'y nagpasiya nang umuwi. Bilin ko kay Susan, "Bukas ay wala akong pasok. Umaga palang ako ay nandito na para kayo ay sunduin."

    Naghiwalay kami ni Susan na kapuwa ay masaya. Nang nasa bahay na ako tuwang-tuwa sa kagalakan ang ate ko't mga pamangkin nang ibalita ko sa kanila na mailalabas na ang bata kinabukasan.


    6:30 ng umaga nang dumating ako sa pagamutan ng San Lazaro. Tuloy-tuloy ako sa kuwartong kinaroronan nila Susan. Hindi ko na makuhang magbigay galang sa mga taong aking nasasalubong. Ni ngumiti sa kanila hindi ko na nagawa basta diretso lang ang lakad ko. Pagdating ko sa pinto nabungaran ko si Susan na humahagolgol sa pag-iyak. Nilapitan ko agad at tinanong, "Susan anong nangyari? Bakit ka umiiyak?"

    Hindi agad makapagsalita si Susan, niyakap ako. Habang iginagala ko ang aking mga mata sa paligid ay tuloy-tuloy ang pagtatanong ko, "Nasaan ang kapatid mo? Bakit wala siya sa higaan niya? May nangyari ba? Nasaan si Angelica?"

    "Wala na po si Angelica."

    Hinawakan ko ang magkabilang balikat ni Susan, "Totoo ba ang narinig ko?"

    "Opo, Tito. Patay na po si bunso!"

    Para akong binuhusan ng nagyeyelong tubig. Biglang nangatal ang buo kong katawan. Naramdaman ko ang pintig ng puso ko ay kasing tunog ng tambol. Unti-unting kumalas si Susan sa kaniyang pagyakap sa akin. Isinalaysay niya ang nangyari sa bata, "Alas tres po ng umaga nakita ko po ang mukha ni Angelica ay nagkulay talong. Hinahabol ang kaniyang paghinga. May tubig na lumalabas sa kaniyang bibig at ilong. Agad tinawag ko ang mga "nurse" sa "counter" at agad naman sila pumarito kasama po si Doktora Clarisa. Sinikap po nila na maisalba si bunso nguni't nabigo po sila. Tapos po kinuha si Angelica ng isang mama. Ang sabi po sa morge ilalagak ang labi ng bata. Tito Lhilo, ano po ang gagawin natin? Uuwi tayo na hindi kasama si Angelica."

    'Wari ko parang tinutusok ng karayom ang puso ko. Ang kirot. Ang hapdi. Di ko alam kung ano ang isasagot ko sa tanong ni Susan. Hinangod ko ang kaniyang likod kahit sa ganuong paraan maramdaman niya na hindi siya nag-iisa.

    "Anak huminahon ka. Harapin natin ang pangyayari. Wala narin naman tayong magagawa. Wala na ang kapatid mo."

    Lalo lamang humagolgol sa pag-iyak si Susan. Pati ang ibang tao sa kuwartong iyon ay nakidalamhati na rin sa amin.

    "Susan, seguro naman matatanggap ng nanay mo ang nangyari. Kaya nga lang di ko matitiyak kung makakaya niyang harapin ang totoo lalo ngayon may sakit pa siya."

    "Baka po lalu lamang mabinat at lumala ang karamdaman ng nanay."

    Sa pag-uusap namin ni Susan may kung anong bagay na pumasok sa aking isipan na dapat kong isagawa anuman ang kalabasan nito.

    "Dito ka muna anak. Babalikan kita. Sumama lang ang pakiramdam ko. Magbabanyo muna ako."

    Iniwan ko si Susan at tinungo ang banyo. Doon ko ibinuhos ang nagpupuyos kong damdamin. Umiyak ako. Iba't-ibang emosyon ang pumasok sa puso ko't isipan: Bakit hinangad ko pang marating ang Maynila? Kung alam ko lang sana na ito ang madadatnan ko sana di nalang ako pumarito. Kailangan ko bang danasin ito? Hindi ito ang pinangarap ko! Pero di ko rin kayang baliwalain ito: Ang ate. Ang pamilya niya. Sila ay pamilya ko. Nahinto ang pagsi "self-pity" ko nang pumasok ang isang mama. Agad inayos ko ang sarili at lumabas ng banyo.

    Binaybay ko ang pasilyo hindi papunta sa kinaroroonan ni Susan kungdi patungo sa opisina ni Doktora Clarisa. Buo na ang pasya ko na makaharap ko si Doktora. Nguni't habang ako'y nasa harapan na ng pinto nakadama ako ng bahagyang takot at pangamba subali't nanaig ang silakbo ng aking damdamin at kumatok ako.

    "Tuloy ho. Bukas ho iyan."

    Dahan-dahan kong binuksan ang pinto at nang makita ko si Doktora ako'y nagbigay galang, "Magandang umaga ho Doktora."

    "Magandang umaga din ho." Bati sa akin. "Maupo ho kayo. Ano ho ang maipaglilingkod ko sa inyo ginoo?"

    "Ako ho si Lhilo, ang tiyuhin ng namatay na bata kaninang madaling araw – yong hong may sakit na inpeksiyon sa pusod."

    "Ganuon ho ba. Alam mo Lhilo naawa ako sa bata. Nakikiramay ho ako sa inyong pagdadalamhati. Sinikap ho namin na maligtas ang bata nguni't wala na kaming nagawa."

    "Tanggap ko na ho ang nangyari at walang dapat sisihin. Talaga lang ho seguro hanggang doon nalang ang buhay ng aking pamangkin."

    Maamo ang mukha ni Doktora. Ang tuno ng kaniyang pananalita ay nagpapahayag ng kaniyang kabaitan. Hindi na ako nagpatumpik-tumpik pa. Sinabi ko na agad sa kaniya ang pakay ko.

    "Doktora, kaya ho ako naparito sa iyo ay upang makiusap at hingin ho ang tulong ninyo na maiuwi ko ang labi ng bata."

    "Ha! Hindi ho ganuon kadali Lhilo. Meron tayong sinusunod na patakaran ng ospital." Paliwanag ni Doktora.

    "Doktora parang awa niyo na ho sa pamilya ng namatay. Nakikiusap ho ako sa inyo. Ang ina ng bata ay may sakit din mula nang iluwal niya si Angelica. Saan ho namin kukunin ang pambayad sa ponirarya na maglalabas ng bata dito sa ospital? Ang bayaw ko ay nasa Cebu, konstruksiyon ang trabaho. Ang buwanang sinasahod niya ay pambayad lamang sa tindahan. Ang sahod ko sa kontruksiyon ay kakarampot din ho."

    Halos lahat ng kagipitan namin ay naibulalas ko kay Doktora. Iyon lang kasi ang alam ko at iyon nama'y totoo. Sumunod nakita kong iniaangat ni Doktora ang telepono na nakapatong sa kaniyang mesa. Dinayal ang numero. Narinig ko ang pag ring sa kabilang linya. May binanggit na pangalan si Doktora at nag-usap sila. Pagkatapos nila mag-usap ibinaba na ang telepono at muling hinarap ako.

    "Ngayon ko lang ginawa ito Lhilo. Puntahan mo si Mang Tonio, siya ang nakatalaga ngayon na magbantay sa morge. Banggitin mo ang pangalan ko sa kaniya. Alam na niya ang patungkol dito."

    Bigla akong napatayo sa sobrang tuwa. Napalakas ang boses ko, "Salamat ho. Salamat ho Doktora. Tatanawin ko ho ito na malaking utang na loob ko ho sa iyo."

    Tumango nalang si Doktora at ako'y lumabas agad sa kaniyang opisina. Mabilis ang paglakad ko patungo sa kinaroroonan ni Susan. Sa loob ko, nagtagumpay ako. Salamat po Panginoon! Pagdating ko kay Susan agad ko siyang niyakag na umuwi. Binitbit ko ang kahon na may lamang kumot at mga lampin ng bata. Sinabi ko sa kaniya na sasaglit muna kami sa morge para silipin ang labi ni Angelica. Hindi ko muna sinabi sa kaniya na mailalabas namin ang mga labi ng bata.

    Alinsunod sa bilin sa akin ni Doktora hinarap ko si Mang Tonio at sinamahan kami sa kinaroroonan ni Angelica. Napansin ko si Susan ay hindi umiimik. Hinatak ni Mang Tonio ang "drawer" na bakal na nilagakan sa bata. Nang tumambad na sa amin ang labi ng bata, dahan-dahan ko siyang binuhat kasabay ang pag-utos ko kay Susan na buksan niya ang kahon at ilabas ang ibang lampin at kumot para ibalot kay Angelica.

    Binalot ko ang mga labi ng bata mula ulo hanggang paa at dahan-dahan kong ipinasok sa kahon. Isinara ko nang maayos at itinali ko nang mahigpit at nagpasalamat kami kay Mang Tonio bago umalis. Bilin niya sa amin ay huwag daw kaming lilingon pabalik. Diretso lang ang paglalakad namin hanggang sa matawid namin ang kabilang kalsada at doon kami mag-aabang ng sasakyan papuntang Marikina.

    Nang makatawid na kami sa kabilang kalsada kinausap ko si Susan, "Anak pigilin mo ang pag-iyak. Kailangan ay walang makahata kung ano ang laman ng dala nating kahon. Magkunwari tayo na ang laman ng kahon ay mga pinamili natin para panghanda sa Pasko."

    "Paano po kung hanapin ng nanay sa akin ang bata?

    "Ako na ang bahala. Ang mahalaga ngayon nadala natin ang labi ng kapatid mo!


    11:00 ng umaga nang kami ay makasakay na sa Marikina bus pauwi ng bahay. Sa loob ng bus kapuwa kami ay walang imik. Sa tuwing nagsasalubong ang aming mga mata nababasa ko ang sakit na nagpupumiglas sa damdamin ni Susan. Sa kaniyang edad na 16 unti-unti niyang tinatanggap ang katotohanan kung ano ang buhay ng isang mahirap. At bumalik sa aking alaala ang sinabi ng aking lolo noon, "Ang pait na nararanasan ng isang tao ay dagdag sangkap para lalung maging makulay ang kaniyang buhay. Ang hapdi, kirot at kawalan ay hindi rason para isuko ang buhay na walang laban!"

    Maituturing ko na isa sa pinakamasakit na bahagi ng pagiging ina ay ang makita at mayakap ang kaniyang anak na malamig at walang buhay. Tanghaling tapat nang dumating kami ng bahay. Nang malaman ni ate ang nangyari sa kaniyang bunso halos panawan siya ng ulirat nguni't sa kabila na siya'y mahina pa sinikap niyang yakapin nang mahigpit ang labi ng kaniyang anak at hagkan ito na punum-puno ng pagmamahal.

    Nakita ko rin na sa ganitong sitwasyon ang mga magkakapit-bahay ay bukas ang kanilang puso na tumulong sa taong nagigipit. Nabigyan ng magandang burol ang aking pamangkin sa tulong ng mga kapit-bahay at mga kaibigan na nakidalamhati sa pamilya ng ate ko.

    Dumating si bayaw mula Cebu besperas na ng Pasko. Hindi maipagkakaila na nasaktan siya sa nangyari subali't buong puso niya itong natanggap at ng kaniyang pamilya. Natuwa ako ng malaman ko kay bayaw na pumayag ang kanilang kompanya na sa Maynila na siya magtratrabaho.

    Flying_Kites Ang pagkawala ng kanilang bunsong anak ay naging hudyat upang baguhin ang aming pananaw sa buhay. Sa harapan ni ate at ng kanilang anim na supling sinabi sa akin ni bayaw, "Panahon na Lhilo, na ang mga pangarap mo naman ang pag-ukulan mo ng iyong panahon at oras. Huwag mo silang panatilihing nakakulong sa kahon. Hayaan mo silang lumipad higit pa sa kayang liparin ng saranggola!"

    Sa ngayon ang bayaw ko't ate ay malapit na sa kanilang edad na 70. Ang kanilang anim na anak ay may kaniya-kaniyang pamilya na. Lumaki lalo ang kanilang pamilya. Ngayon sila ay pinapaligiran at pinasasaya ng kanilang mga apo.

    Ako naman ay may sarili na rin pamilya. 50 taong gulang na. May tatlong anak na Maria. Dalawa ang nasa kolihiyo at isa ang nasa mataas na paaralan. At tuloy parin nangangarap nguni't hindi na para sa akin kungdi para sa maaliwalas na bukas ng aking pamilya. Isa akong tutubing mahilig lumipad sa loob ng mahigit isang dekada na.

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    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Lambing ni Inang Kalikasan

    The beach and part of the reef of Bathala isla...

    Image via Wikipedia


    Dulot ng Pagmimina


    'Di maipagkakaila na ako'y masaktan

    Na makitang dinudurog ang kagubatan

    Walang habag na winawasak ang kagandahan

    Ng mga taong nagnanasa't uhaw sa aking yaman…

    'Di sila titigil hangga't 'di makita ang ginto

    O ang pagdaloy ng malapot kong dugo

    At mawasak ang aking sinapupunan

    Na tahanan ng mga nilikha ni Bathala!


    Kapangyarihan ng Pera


    Sa tuwing may sakuna

    Laging sinisisi ay si Bathala…

    Ang kalbuhin ang kagubatan

    Iyon ba ay utos ng Maylikha?

    'Di ba ito'y bunga ng kapangyarihan

    Ng pera - diyos ng sangkatauhan!


    Tao, Magbago Ka


    Masarap mabuhay…

    Paggising mo sa umaga

    Ay malaya mong lalanghapin

    Ang halimuyak ng kabukiran

    Malaya mong tatanawin

    Ang kulay berdeng mga dahon

    Bigay nila'y buhay at pag-asa

    Malaya mong lalanguyin at sisisirin

    Ang malawak at malalim na karagatan

    At malaya kang mamumuhay

    Sa kandungan ni Inang Kalikasan na masaya!

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    The Eerie Gift

    Mount Mayon from Legaspi airport. Uploaded 10/...

    Image via Wikipedia

    The story began when Goth, who was a half Filipino, a half German visited Albay and spent his vacation at Mayon. It was Christmas day, he turned 18. He’s alone at the foot of Mayon.

    Mayon volcano was approximately 7,926 feet high and still a very active volcano. At 8am Goth started climbing up Mayon. He’s optimistic that he could reach the top of the volcano before the sun sits down.

    Walking across the slippery steep rock face of Mayon was a perilous quest, but Goth didn’t think to go back. He courageously had kept moving till he ascended up at about 500 meters above from the bottom before he stopped under tree bearing-fruits.

    Read More: The Eerie Gift

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    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Hit DXN and Build a Better Tomorrow–part Two

    Ang Tunay na Ganoderma_thumb[1] On part one, I discussed to you about on planning your business with some sorts of vital questions that would help you framing out your decision before venturing business with DXN. I also have guided you about networking – its principles and how you could be benefited with DXN Global Business Opportunity. Now, I will guide you deeper to familiarize the DXN business.

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    A year ago, Paul Zane Pilzer, a multi millionaire, a world renowned economist and international motivator and speaker was quoted saying, “The Wellness Industry is the next Trillion Dollar industry of the world by 2010″. Now this industry is already eroding.

    DXN teaches People How to Create True Leverage - At DXN you will be taught how to create a true leverage, where everyone has some amount to gain. True leverage is giving the same amount of gain. Let’s say Broker A empowers and encourages agent A1 to become a Broker B. When agent A1 became Broker B – it allows him to sponsor his own agents (B1 or B2). Broker B does not break away from Broker A and does not become a competitor. Broker A helps Broker B and his agents. By helping Broker B and his agents, Broker A earns a commission from the sales of Broker B and his agents.

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