Monday, December 20, 2010

The Spirit of Sharing God’s Blessings

My DXN Int'l ID Card Recently, I wrote three reviews regarding Wellness Industry which is a Global Business Opportunity. If you only read those reviews published here - they are all about a business within your pocket through the power of an ID card. Whoever owned the DXN International Card- the whole world is his market because DXN is already playing remarkably in 151 countries and still expanding. He enjoys all the benefits as a DXN distributor. Any DXN products he purchased, he received 15% to 25% discounts aside from earning the point value (PV) which is subject for cash rebates as his monthly bonus.

The message of this article is about gift to be given away to friends, friends of friends, readers and visitors. I will let you use my DXN International ID card when you purchase any of the DXN wellness products to enjoy the 15% up to 25% discounts. They are all available on all DXN centers worldwide though always ask for receipts. You can print the ID if you wished or copy the name and the member number.

DXN wellness products are unique and consumable. They are naturally manufactured without chemicals injected on them, with an extract of reishi (Japan), lingzhi (China), red mushroom (English) or the Ganoderma Lucidum known as the “King of Herbs“.

These products help detoxify toxins out from the body. Toxins from the air we breathed, from the food we ate and toxins from the water we drinked. Advance Merry Christmas to all.

Hit Daxen and Become our Daxen Partner. 

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