Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Exciting Business Opportunity for Everyone

This is about Prelaunch Malaysia - runs by a very successful technology company based in St Louis, USA and have developed one of the most unique applications ever launched with one of the most powerful network marketing plans ever to enter into the Multi-level Marketing arena, to create guaranteed success.

The company is well funded and zero debt free, and has some of the strongest leadership in the USA, from CNN, to private banking, from Multi-level Marketing leadership to Internet millionaires. All have come together to launch this amazing Internet MLM business.

PreLaunch Malaysia Prelaunch Malaysia is now into pre-launch in Malaysia & Singapore and inviting people to join the unique opportunity by registering which is free prior to their official launch. A full introduction to this amazing “app” and opportunity, will be taking place in KL on the 28th, 29th & 30th January, 2011.

This “APP” is built on the top of the Microsoft platform and sitting on top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all major search engines which is now sweeping the USA, and has taken the UK & Australia by storm. It's major aim is to have this amazing “app” on every home computer and mobile device in the next 12 months.

Anyone can join after viewing the video on their homepage by clicking on the Join button and input your basic information. You will not be asked for any type of credit card or payment. The process is completely free and your information will not be shared with anyone. 

Once your signing up is approved, you will be given a free pre-launch website allowing you to market this pre-launch to anyone in Malaysia, Singapore and around the world.

For more details visit the site: Prelaunch Malaysia

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blogger Versus Wordpress

This is a short review about Wordpress and Blogger. This review  will answer - why I addressed them as the two most promising hosting sites for blogging hobbies and for making money online? From my blogging hobby, I established network of friends. Thanks to and



It was opened to public on November 21, 2005 and it is powered by the open source of wordpress software. This site is financially supported through ugrades and the google adsense advertising. Last September 2010, wordpress has recorded 13.9 million individual blogs - some are free users and upgrade users.

Has started in 2003. It is a blog publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was created by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google at subdomains of On May 1, 2010, Blogger allowed users to publish blogs on other hosts.

Both Accept Free Users



Its staff are working hard on enhancing each site - from designing of new and awesome templates, featuring new widgets and other features to satisfy the needs of its users. Both are accepting users as free account members though at least he/she is 13 year old and above. Below 13 is subject for parental guidance and can start to create a blog following its term of use and its site's policy.

The Big Difference

At worpress, if you are a free account member - you are entitled to post your best blog articles, photos, videos from youtube and share them to your friends and visitors though it depends if you created the blog either private - which is accessible only for people you invited or you created the blog intended for the general audience and international audience. And as a free user you are not allowed to share links of other sites, banners, google adsense, amazon and other imaginable affiliate programs - you will be automatically suspended unless you will upgrade your membership. When you upgrade, you will pay at least from 15$ above a year as your subscription fees.

While at blogger, everything you want to do is free - from posting blog articles, videos, photos, music, mp3s, podcast, google adsense, amazon, linking other sites, banners and other affiliate programs without charging you. And you can create many blogs if you wished. The more blogs you have created the more money you will earn from your google adsense.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Managing Health Care

Kilograms or Weigh Scales and a Meter are common tools that everyone is familiar with. Heart disease, high blood, arthritis, diabetes, indigestion, gallstones, cancers, snoring, stress, anxiety and depression are the most common problems when a person becomes overweight. The article will answer how a kilogram and a meter would help us to manage our health.

Wikipedia Obese Painting

Wikipedia Obese Painting

If you want to know your weight and determine it if it is healthy weight, overweight, obese and morbidly obese you would need the following: Kilograms or Weigh Scales and a Meter. These are the things needed to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI) or Quetelet index.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a heuristic measure of body weight based on a person’s weight and height. Though it does not actually measure the percentage of body fat, it is used to estimate a healthy body weight based on a person’s height, assuming an average body composition. Due to its ease of measurement and calculation, it is the most widely used diagnostic tool to identify weight problems within a population, usually whether individuals are underweight, overweight or obese.

It was invented between 1830 and 1850 by the Belgian Polymath Adolfe Quetelet during the course of developing “social physics”, and defined it as the individual’s body weight divided by the square of his or her height. Wikipedia BMI Chart Simplified
Wikipedia BMI Chart Simplified
The mechanics: Take your weight in kilograms then divide it by your height in meters and when you get the result divide your height in meters again. Sample: your weight is 150kls, your height is 2.5 meters = 150/2.5=60/2.5=24. Your total weight is 24.

The Body Mass Index for a Healthy Weight is from 20 to 24 The Body Mass Index for an Overweight is from 25 to 29 The Body Mass Index for an Obese is from 30 to 39 The Body Mass Index for the Morbidly Obese is 40 plus.

You can determine your BMI alone without seeing a Doctor and that is power! Miracle Coffee Lingzhi 3 in 1
Miracle Coffee Lingzhi 3 in 1 Consider the Doctor’s advised: Avoid eating more calories than you use in your daily activity because the excess calories will be stored as Fat and weight increases. Eat healthy breakfast. Cut down on coffee and tea. Instead, try the lingzhi coffee and lingzhi tea – they are naturally manufactured. Snack on fruits. Eat less fatty fried food. Cut down on alcohol and take time to exercise.  
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Helpful links:
 Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating
Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance

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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Spirit of Sharing God’s Blessings

My DXN Int'l ID Card Recently, I wrote three reviews regarding Wellness Industry which is a Global Business Opportunity. If you only read those reviews published here - they are all about a business within your pocket through the power of an ID card. Whoever owned the DXN International Card- the whole world is his market because DXN is already playing remarkably in 151 countries and still expanding. He enjoys all the benefits as a DXN distributor. Any DXN products he purchased, he received 15% to 25% discounts aside from earning the point value (PV) which is subject for cash rebates as his monthly bonus.

The message of this article is about gift to be given away to friends, friends of friends, readers and visitors. I will let you use my DXN International ID card when you purchase any of the DXN wellness products to enjoy the 15% up to 25% discounts. They are all available on all DXN centers worldwide though always ask for receipts. You can print the ID if you wished or copy the name and the member number.

DXN wellness products are unique and consumable. They are naturally manufactured without chemicals injected on them, with an extract of reishi (Japan), lingzhi (China), red mushroom (English) or the Ganoderma Lucidum known as the “King of Herbs“.

These products help detoxify toxins out from the body. Toxins from the air we breathed, from the food we ate and toxins from the water we drinked. Advance Merry Christmas to all.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Power of Tweeting

Image representing MyLikes as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Tweeting advertiser's ads aside from writing articles also earns money online. The steps are just easy as 1, 2 and 3. (1) Register a Twitter account (2) Register a Facebook account (3) Register a Youtube account and (4) Sign-up at, the name of the site.

About the Site is a word-of-mouth advertising platform that conjugates advertisers with influencers on the web. Influencers spread the word and earn money by tweeting them. Influencers will recommend and promote any ads from advertisers. Advertisers will pay the Influencers on a valid-click-basis - the most rewarding methods to make money online.

How to Register at this Site?

Got to site. Fill up the form by providing a valid name user, email address and your password and press submit. It only takes you for some few minutes for doing it. A message will be sent off to your email address instructing you to activate your account by clicking the link inclosed. When you click that link you will be redirected to the site and there update now your profile - this include uploading your own photo and by allowing your Twitter account, Facebook account, your website or blogsite to be connected with Mylikes. This is a free sign-up. You can also connect your Youtube account and other sites you want to connect with Mylikes such as, FriendFeed, Posterous, Tumblr and Wordpress. The more connections you made with Mylikes, the wider the audience to receive your tweets of ads.

Other Things to enjoy at this Site

MyLikes-LogoAside from an Influencer, the site gives you an opportunity to become an Advertiser too. If you are a blogger, journalist, poet, owner of a website or blogsites, business man and other imaginable professions - the site will help you to advertise your talents and your products with a very least payment. And it is you to tweet. Advertisers pay from 5 cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents, 50 cents of a dollar and up to 2$ per valid click.
An Influencer of this site can also become an affilliate user. As an affiliate he can refer people to become an Influencer too and get his referral commission.

How to Receive Payments?

Mylikes uses Paypal - so open an account on Paypal. Mylikes pays an Influencer every Friday. If you earned at least 2$ or above the money will be sent off to your Paypal account address before the end of the day. If your earnings have not yet reached at least 2$ it will be included on the next payday. Aside from Paypal, you can also assign your weekly earnings to a Charity as an option.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Riyadh’s Trek—Hidden Valley

Dry Valley
Image by Earthwatcher via Flickr
Hidden Valley can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks and mountains ready to be embraced and enjoy. Most amazing of all was the absence of running water, to bathe her for added beauty. A completely dry valley, but yet a surprisingly beautiful one!

In my first week of work in Riyadh, one thing that came to my mind was to take some trips outside the city. I wanted to visit some of the historical places, including mountains of rock and mountains of sand dunes, which are good places for excursions on weekends and holidays.

It was a Friday. With my peers, we visited on some of Riyadh’s treks. First was a trip to Hidden Valley . At five-thirty in the morning, we started our trip, as no-one wants to drive under the sun.

On our way to Hidden Valley , I saw mountain of rocks standing robustly on each side of the highway. I heard the sound of winds haunting, and whispering in every corner of the mountain - calling them that the Sun was about to rise.

Facing to the South was another spot of great beauty delighted my eyes, a red mountain of sand dunes that resembled a maiden in red, lying down with the mountain rocks at her sides and waiting for someone to come and feel her beauty.

Hidden Valley At seven, we reached our destination, by passing through an isolated pass between high fortresses - like rock in the Tuwaiq wall. Our cars rumbled up and down with the shrubs to right, left and white dust. As we drove up the soil - covered path of Hidden Valley between piles of gravel, was a Pinnacle Valley that called because of the pillar of rock that stands near the entrance. We stopped driving when the track got rough.

Soon, everybody left the car and went around to the area, and embraced the beauty of nature. We photographed the mountains around us as our souvenirs. We also went for a hike, did some mountain climbing and had a lot of fun together.

What a wonderful place to see! I was surprisingly amazed to see such beauty that only nature can provide. It can easily charm you and let you believe that this place is not just a desert of sands, but also a place of beautiful rocks and mountains ready to be embraced and enjoy. Most amazing of all was the absence of running water, to bathe her for added beauty. A completely dry valley, but yet a surprisingly beautiful one!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Away From Home

I was lucky though because I did not experience much difficulty in acquiring an overseas job. My uncle-in-law who at that time was a chief accountant of the company Kawasaki Helicopter Saudi Arabia - Finance Department helped me get my current job by recommending me to the administrator of the company. A Philippine based recruitment agency, FB Allan processed my papers and I was able to go out of the country as a documented OFW.

    March 23, 1994

  • May 8, 2006
  • My Other Interests
  • My Experience Of Saudi life
  • Philippines Is My True Home


    March 23, 1994

    Last Vacation on May 3, 2010

    Last Vacation on May 3, 2010

    When I arrived in my current location on March 23, 1994, I was first employed as a janitor/laborer. That will be my work position for two years and nine months. The management must have noticed my hard work because I was promoted to be a Facility Records Clerk. After some time I was again promoted to be an Analyst/Bookkeeper and this would be my job for nine years and three months.

    May 8, 2006

    The promotion did not stop there. On May 8, 2006, I was assigned as Secretary to the Vice President, then later as an Analyst. At present, the company I am working for assigned me to be the manager of a new showroom that sells home decors. From being a mere janitor, I had gone a long way and one can say that things just get better and better for me.

    My Other Interests

    Aside from working, I also devote some time for my other interests. While employed, I took up a creative writing course via email with the Writer’s Bureau in Manchester London from year 1999-2000. In 2001, I took up Journalism and short story writing course with the ICS, PA, USA.

    My Experience Of Saudi life

    pruel po_facebook My experience of Saudi life can be described as pleasant. I found the Arabs to be friendly and accommodating people. I also enjoy my new environment and was fascinated to see some of Riyadh's treks. Every weekend I go out with my peers for a trek. We had visited Riyadh’s National Museum, the red sand dunes, the hidden valley, the historic kingdom of the first king Saud of Saudi Arabia the Al-Diriyadh; Haer - the only place in Riyadh to experience the nice ambience of water lake and man-made-river, the dates plantation, the olaya which is the business center of Riyadh where the two landmarks the Al-Faisaliah and Kingdom tower are standing robustly, and the Al-Batha market which is known to be the Filipino market - a market for anything and everything.

    Philippines Is My True Home

    Even if it seems to be having the time of my life in Saudi, I still cannot deny that the Philippines is my true home. Among other things, I miss Filipino foods such as lechon, bibingka and sapin-sapin. I also long to celebrate special occasion such as Christmas, New Years, fiestas, etc, with my family and loved ones.

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