Monday, February 18, 2013

Monetize Your Blog With Google AdSense

Online writers are writing hard and are competing one another not only for reasons to inform people and to share what they liked and loved. They are writing online for money also. And no-one can deny this – that every single minute of a writer’s life online is an expense. At the moment a writer sits in front of his desktop computer and starts opening it and connecting it to the Internet – his electricity bills and Internet bills increase. The longer time he is using the computer and connecting to the net his electricity and Internet expenses rise up.

Google AdSense is just one of the many online opportunities that writers should enjoy its benefits. Of course, I understand that not everyone likes Google AdSense – but since this is open to public and anyone can apply for it, I cannot see reasons why ignore it. Yes. Google AdSense cannot makes you get rich quickly. Earnings from Google AdSense starts from .01 dollar cent from content views but if there’re clicks for the ads found on your pages, you can expect for a higher income. However, you should not break Google AdSense Policy.

My January 2013 Google AdSense Earnings from views and clicks contents

At Google AdSense you will be taught how to use it. You will be taught how to maximize Google Ads for your blog or website. You will be taught the best practice to apply, I quote below, namely:

My Google AdSense earnings according to Ad Type

Google AdSense serves as the bridge connecting you to advertisers. You are the publisher and your blog or website pages are used to display advertisements from advertisers. And through Google AdSense this connection makes you money online. And the more blog site or web site pages you are maintaining everyday where you activated Google AdSense for them – the more places for advertiser’s ads and as well the more making money opportunities for you online.

My Google AdSense Earnings Views from the first five countries: United States down to Canada

There are more opportunities to enjoy at Google AdSense. Now Google AdSense has just added products. Using your Google AdSense Account you can apply for AdSense for games. This is an earning opportunity if your blog site or website is designed for Internet games. If you loved making videos for anything – you can apply for AdSense for videos too. Even those videos that you already have uploaded on YouTube you can make money from them – just activate your Google AdSense.

The platforms used by my pages viewers: Desktop down to Mobile devices

Of course, I have no rights to enforce Google AdSense to anyone – this is just a matter of what I thought about Google AdSense and how it works. And for practicality reason, I found Google AdSense an additional opportunity for making money online while I am spending my time writing on this virtual world with the other million writers.