Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Eerie Gift

Mount Mayon from Legaspi airport. Uploaded 10/...

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The story began when Goth, who was a half Filipino, a half German visited Albay and spent his vacation at Mayon. It was Christmas day, he turned 18. He’s alone at the foot of Mayon.

Mayon volcano was approximately 7,926 feet high and still a very active volcano. At 8am Goth started climbing up Mayon. He’s optimistic that he could reach the top of the volcano before the sun sits down.

Walking across the slippery steep rock face of Mayon was a perilous quest, but Goth didn’t think to go back. He courageously had kept moving till he ascended up at about 500 meters above from the bottom before he stopped under tree bearing-fruits.

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