Monday, February 21, 2011

Artificial Respiration For a Person Who has Ceased Due to Choking and Electric Shock.

Artificial respiration is defined as the act of assisting or stimulating respiration – a metabolic process referring to the overall exchange of gases in the body by pulmonary ventilation, external respiration and internal respiration.

If a person chokes on food or other objects and stops breathing – artificial respiration can be applied to save him. A rescuer should wipe out any fluid vomits, mucus or other objects from the mouth with fingers and he should be certain to reach into the throat with a finger or fingers to remove any object blocking the throat and he should remove clothing to expose the chest.

If the person has stopped breathing due to an electric shock – a rescuer should first find the electric source and switch off current by using non-conductive articles like a dry broom handle or dry rope before removing casualty from contact and start giving rescue breathing.

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Artificial Respiration also can be applied when a person has stopped breathing from drowning or from other causes like heart arrest or cardiac arrest as a first aid. But a rescuer should not panic while he is giving rescue breathing to the victim.

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