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Solution to Help The Jobless Saudi Nationals

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Seven years ago, the Saudization was intensified and there were many interesting incidents ensued such as picking up of employees, head-shaving and the hibernating of arrested workers in a closed quarters guarded by the authorities for a day or couple of weeks before sending them back home. Mostly of the expatriates and foreigners alike in Saudi Arabia believed that Saudization is a warning sign and time will come that the host country would no longer need the services of the expatriates.

The campaign of Saudization aims to saudize some jobs sectors including retails and sales jobs. And to support the Saudization, the Labor Ministry had launched a special training program for Saudi Nationals, to be trained and make them fit to work for the targeted different categories of business activities. The Saudi Government has prioritized Saudization, as a positive solution aiming to increase employment of Saudi Nationals across all sectors of the domestic economy, to reduce servility on foreign workers, and to get back and restore income that would have flowed overseas as remittances.

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As part of Saudization program on July 2, 2011, the Saudi Government has stopped hiring new workers from Philippines, Indonesia and other Asian countries and also starting checking out those companies in the Kingdom who do not comply and disregard the goal of Saudization. Honestly, I am affected with Saudization but my two hands are up and saluting the Saudi Government. Saudization is a positive solution to help the jobless Saudi Nationals. Every year the Kingdom also produced thousands of new graduates from colleges and universities and these young Saudis need jobs too!   

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