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Google is Tracking and Indexing Acknowledgments of Individual Content Creators

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Earlier this June 2011 Google has already started indexing individual content creators on bloggers and YouTube. If Google intensified its plan indexing every individual content creators with the websites they appear on, I might say that mostly of the online writers and other contributors will be happy to be included.

Writers and other contributors of the websites are the individual content creators who worked together feeding contents for the sites. Now Google has started spotting, tracking and indexing acknowledgment of contents created by the individual content creators with the websites they appear on through listing the author’s link.

If Google stressed its plan, what I see both the websites and the individual content creators will enjoy the following benefits:

  • An individual content creator will be given a place for his contents separately in search results.
  • If the author’s page rank result is commendable, it can add potential points to the websites he is writing with as well as to his authorship.
  • This plan will help highlight authors and rank search results and allows better ranking of good stuff.
  • Effective to spot people that plagiarized other works and those websites who published works with out the author’s permission.
  • And this plan will inspire and suggest authors to write articles with good quality contents for Google crawlers or spiders to come and bring more traffic and views.

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