Monday, February 6, 2012

Triond is a Good Publishing Site Too for Your Online Writing and Income


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Last January 2012, I published at least twenty-one articles of different subject topics in different categories. They were published at Trifter, Socyberty, Gomestic, HealthMad, Computersight and Webupon. From January 1 to 31, 2012, my Triond pages received at least 1,101 views and earnings of 122 US Dollar cents.

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I had that awesome impression that Triond helped improved my writing hobby and helped expand my world connections. I am proud to say that this publishing site is a home of friendly and supportive Triond Writers. At Triond you will learn that your site page can become a blog and can become an amazing traffic generator too aside from using it to promote the Triond community to hundreds and thousands of people across the Internet.

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At Triond, mostly of the time the first to view, visit and read our published articles are our Triond network of friends. They are there to support us as they also wanted us to support them by viewing and commenting to our published articles - no matter how good and brilliantly we wrote them. Every time I visit, read and leave some comments for their articles, they added views and increased their Triond views. In return, they also visited my article pages as well. They read and left some inspiring comments.

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Triond publishes articles of all kinds. So you can imagine that the site publishes anything that interest you – from factual articles, poems, short stories, fiction and non-fiction stories, down to humorous pieces and etc . In addition Triond has so many powered Websites to publish them.

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At Triond, other Trionders help promote their Triond friends articles by linking the article links to their articles. It is up to them to choose which of the articles of their Triond friends are worthy to be included in their articles as they are all excellently written. By doing this, all of them will benefit. The views will start flushing in and will help increase each other’s Triond views and earnings.

If you want to write and earn Join Triond. It is one of the best publishing sites for your online writing and income.

About the Author - My favorite Saying: "Dream Big and don't stop without giving it a chance to come true." I am a father of 3 for 25+years, OFW for 17 years +, a Blogger, sometimes a Poet, Self-motivated and Professional by experience. You can call me Paul or Pruel. I am friendly animal but can kick you off when it is needed. LOL. I have no specific areas where my writing will focus on. I write any subject that interest me under the merciless sun.

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