Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Our Religion, Faith and Governments Can Help The People Involved in Prostitution

Some people said never discuss topics about sex, politics and religions as they are very delicate subject topics. But I do not agree with their logics because - there are many issues that the whole society are involved on sex, politics and religions. Example - today my topic is about Prostitution and for some details click: The World Will Convulse with Lust, If You Do Away with Harlots.

Mostly of the people involved in this craft are driven by economic constrained. But these people are better than a lazy man. For so very long years, no matter how the church has condemned, still prostitution exist. The state no matter how they punished this matter, yet it still exist.

Prostitution is defined as the act or practice of promiscuous sexual relations, especially for money. Several words are used for a woman and a man who engages in illicit sexual activity for pay, including HARLOT, whore and prostitute.

Pope Benedict XVI, on his Pontiff's words said, “Trafficking in human beings, especially women, flourishes where opportunities to improve their standard of living or even to survive are limited.” 

This is a universal issue started from the ancient world and yet it is still an issue nowadays. How our religion, faith and governments can help the people involved in prostitution? 

Several classes of harlots existed in the ancient world. One type was the temple prostitute, who performed sexual acts at a heathen temple. Both male and female cult prostitutes presided at these temples. Whenever a righteous king ruled Judah, this king sought to remove the temple prostitutes from the land (2 King 23:4-14).

A second class of prostitutes consisted of those who owned bars or inns and had sexual relations with the patrons who desired their services. Rahab of Jericho was such a woman. God had mercy on her, and she was delivered and transformed. Her name is included in the genealogy of the Messiah. Jerusalem was pictured as playing the part of a harlot. But instead of being paid for her services, she paid others! 

Should we condemn these people involved?

I would rather fraternize with these people whose reasons are to make a living in this dog-eat-dog-world than with those who disguise themselves in veils of holiness when in truth and in fact they do the worst things, such as, steal in the disguise of religion. I’d rather be with prostitutes than tolerate hypocrisy as if they live modest lives. I’m not trying to justify prostitution because it is still unlawful but then we should not be quick to judge these people for their respective reasons, they may have to be engaged in this oldest profession but we should not treat them like criminals. 

Who would help the victims?

There are cases that pimps seek out young girls usually runaways or loners. They show off their fancy cars, clothes, jewelries and money leading them to believe that they too can achieve a life of luxury.

At the first opportunity, they move them from their hometowns to unfamiliar places. There they start - the abuse becoming physically and sexually violent forcing her into unwanted sex. They control where these young go, what they do and whom they can speak to. They take all of their money so they are financially dependent on them hoping to prevent them escaping. They are sexually exploited and being treated as no more than a piece of human garbage!

What if prostitution is legalized?

By legalizing prostitution will allow the act to be managed instead of ignored. Prostitutes would no longer be strong-armed by pimps or organized crime rings. And there would also be health-safety improvements.

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